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Getting the Proper Help with an Addiction Psychiatrist

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No one likes to see anyone suffer through what addiction can do to a person. To stand by and watch someone close to you go through drug or alcohol addiction and see the destruction and deterioration of their lives can be incredibly painful. If you have a loved one or close friend dealing with addiction you want to do all you can to make sure they get the help they desperately need right now. Once the addict is ready to take steps to receive help, it is important that you assist in guiding them down the proper path and help them find the right program to get help. Here at Insight Choices, we can assist you in getting help when you come to an addiction psychiatrist we have on staff.

A Thorough Evaluation with an Addiction Psychiatrist is the First Step

The first step towards getting the right help is to come to us and get a complete evaluation performed. It is through this evaluation, where the patient is consulted with and evaluated through interviews and questioning, that we will be able to determine what the level of the addiction may be and what the best course of treatment is for the individual. We do not take a “cookie-cutter” approach to treatment; all of our patients are treated as individuals so that specific needs can be met along the way and the emphasis of the care provided is placed where it is needed most.

Comprehensive Care is Available

For those that come to us for treatment at Insight Choices, we provide the comprehensive care that is needed most. With the help of an addiction psychiatrist, the patient will receive treatment for their addiction that goes beyond simply providing medication to assist in overcoming the feelings of addiction. We also place a strong emphasis on areas such as proper nutrition, exercise, meditation, sleep and more to go along with medical treatment and therapy. This approach helps to reach the patient emotionally, physically and psychologically so that they get the best chance for recovery.

Talk to Us Today

The first step you take towards helping a loved one conquer an addiction is to speak to an expert that can provide them with the help and guidance they need. If you would like to arrange a consultation with an addiction psychiatrist at one of our facilities, please give us a call at Insight Choices at 323-375-0950 and speak to a member of our office. We can help you schedule an appointment so you can begin the healing process.

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