Brendan Greenaway, PA-C

March 01, 2015 - by admin

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Brendan is a nationally certified physician assistant with specialty certification in psychiatry. He has experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He has an empathetic and compassionate approach to his practice, and strives to know his patients in depth and understand the biological, psychological, and psycho-social factors which may contribute to their illness. He encourages healthy lifestyles including exercise, proper nutrition, and sleep hygiene to promote overall well-being in addition to therapy and medication when necessary.

Brendan’s non-traditional background informs his practice and enables him to connect with his patients. After growing up in rural Virginia, he attended the US Air Force Academy with a goal to serve in the military and have a positive impact on those around him. Following several great years working as an officer in the space and missiles field, he decided to pursue a career which would enable him to directly and intimately impact others’ well-being. He spent time volunteering in multiple healthcare settings, and thereafter set his sights on becoming a physician assistant.

During his training, Brendan had the opportunity to work in numerous medical fields and settings, and in each area he noticed the how patient’s mental health significantly impacted all other areas of their health. He developed the understand that mental health is the core to overall well-being, and decided to pursue a career in psychiatry.

Brendan’s first job out of training was with several community mental health clinics in rural Pennsylvania, where he treated patients with a wide range of severe psychiatric illness in economically-depressed areas of the state. He later had the great opportunity to work with and learn from some of the top psychiatrists in the country at the University of Michigan Hospital, where he worked in the adult inpatient unit and treated patients suffering from acute psychiatric illness.

After practicing on the East Coast and in the Midwest, Brendan and his family are excited to have settled in Los Angeles where they can spend time on the beach, surf, hike, and enjoy the sunshine each and every day. He is excited to return to the outpatient setting where he can develop meaningful therapeutic relationships with his patients. He looks forward to meeting and working with you.

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