There are many types of psychotherapy available. Our clinicians provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, couples therapy, and problem solving therapy.

Before embarking on the journey of psychotherapy, you want to have an problem that needs resolution in mind. When you meet with the therapist, you’ll let him or her know about that particular issue so together you can work on resolving that problem.

Psychotherapy works best when there is a good fit between the client and the therapist, meaning that both of you feel comfortable and good about working with each other. If you feel somewhat uncomfortable with the first therapist that you meet, then you can try a second or third therapist, until you feel good about the person you’ll be working with.

Psychotherapists usually want to see the clients on a weekly basis, for several months, until the client and the therapist agree that it’s time to taper off of the therapy.

It’s important to be cognizant of the effectiveness of the therapy when you’re in therapy. If after months of therapy, you still are encountering the same issues, then you want to bring it up to the therapist and together you can decide which course to take with regards to the initial reason of you coming to therapy.

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If after months of therapy, your symptoms are getting worse, then you want to evaluate the benefits of therapy, and talk to your therapist about what you experience.



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