Telehealth (telemedicine) has been around for many years.  It is a new way to provide services to patients who need it.  It is more convenience and comfortable for the patients who receive this service.  However, telemedicine is not appropriate for all patients.  Only certain stable patients will benefit from this service.

We are able to provide our Optum insured patients who have telepsychiatry benefits and self-pay patients telepsychiatry service.  For patients who reside outside of California, we’re unable to provide this service due to legal reasons.


Our providers, after meeting with the patient face-to-face, will determine if the patient is eligible for this service.  If the patient is eligible for this service, then we can offer it to him or her.  If the patient needs to be seen face-to-face after they have been seen thru our telepsychiatry service, then we will inform the patient of the change and have the patient be seen the traditional way until we determine that patient can be seen thru our telepsychiatry service again.




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