adult psychiatrist in Irvine

Understanding the Role of the Adult Psychiatrist in Irvine

There are many ways today that a person can seek help when they are facing behavioral or mental health issues, but it is important that you understand the differences and roles that each mental health professional can play in your care. Therapists, counselors, and psychologists can all provide you with varying levels of care to assist you, but what they do is vastly different from the help you will receive from a psychiatrist. When you come to see an adult psychiatrist in Irvine at our practice here at Insight Choices, you want to know the role that the doctor is going to play in your care to help you become healthy.

Providing Medical Care

When you got to see a psychiatrist, you will see a doctor that is a medical doctor and will look at your medical condition and how it can influence the feelings, behaviors, and situations you find yourself in today. A psychiatrist will specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions, illnesses, and disorders. A psychiatrist can provide you with medical care, including medical testing and writing prescriptions for you for medications that can help you deal with the mental health issues you face. You will still get the comforting and caring counseling that can help you understand your life and situation better and it will be accompanied by proper medical care as well as a compliment.

adult psychiatrist in Irvine

How We Can Work with You

At Insight Choices, you can meet with an adult psychiatrist in Irvine to assist you with issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, substance abuse and chemical dependency and other mental health issues. You will receive a complete evaluation upon your first meeting with us so that we can determine the issues you face and track you over the course of your treatment. We differ from many mental health providers in that we take a holistic approach to treatment and consider how all aspects of your life – psychological, physical, social, emotional, your diet, sleep patterns and more – influence who you are and what you do. This method of treatment helps us to formulate a plan that is specific to you and your needs, so you get the best help possible.

Working Towards Recovery

No matter what issues you face, an adult psychiatrist in Irvine here at Insight Choices can be the person to help you achieve a successful recovery. To schedule an appointment for a consultation and evaluation, please give our office a call at 323-375-0950, so we can start working with you and make sure you get the level of care you need most.